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About Kimble Companies

A history of innovation and success

In 1948, Floyd Kimble returned from World War II and started mining coal with hand shovels and a single truck. At that time, much of the available equipment was inefficient and short-lived. This prompted Floyd to modify his machinery, some which is still in use today. Better equipment made it possible to mine the extremely hard stone materials of east central Ohio, which had previously been unusable. This led to the formation of Kimble Clay and Limestone in 1970.

Over the years, Floyd and his wife Doris continued to innovate, and expanded the business into a number of diversified enterprises including mining coal, limestone and clay; operating modern recycling and collection centers; maintaining an active 250-acre landfill for local communities; and drilling, operating and servicing a large number of deep gas wells.

Today, the mining operations continue to serve as a core business for the company, producing high quality and durable stone products for local contractors and the general public, and providing coal to electrical power generators. Originally known as the Kimble Coal Company prior to 1970, the Penn Ohio Coal Company continues to produce and market coal to various fuel users. One of the reasons Kimble’s coal remains in demand is prior to being marketed, most of the coal products are enhanced through a cleaning and processing plant known as Central Fuel, a Kimble company located near New Philadelphia. Here, sulfur and unwanted contaminants are removed, making Kimble’s coal one of the cleanest and highest BTU coal products available in Ohio.

After providing solid waste disposal services to local communities for over 40 years at the Kimble Sanitary Landfill, the Kimble family entered the trash collection and recycling business in 1994, in order to provide a local competitive alternative to the national waste conglomerates that aggressively consolidated the market and reduced customer choice.

Since its inception in the early 1950s, the Kimble Sanitary Landfill has been continually upgraded to meet all Best Available Technology Standards of the Ohio EPA. The landfill is double lined, combining a poly-lined system with natural clays. The landfill is geologically sound and environmentally secure with layers of impermeable shale and clay between the fill floor and water aquifers. In 1998 the Ohio EPA issued a new permit increasing the landfill’s airspace to assure long-term disposal for local communities, and making the landfill one of the most technologically up-to-date sites in Ohio.

With its broad base of assets, experience, and knowledge in the mining, oil and gas, land reclamation, and waste industries, the Kimble Companies have completed numerous multimillion-dollar excavation and remediation projects.

Innovation and excellence remain the cornerstones of our business. Throughout our history, we have also made our commitment to our customers a priority – providing expert help and unmatched personal attention. We believe this solid foundation has been the key to our success.

Today, the Kimble family of companies includes Kimble Clay and Limestone, Penn-Ohio Coal, Red Hill Development, Central Fuel, Kimble Sanitary Landfill, Kimble Transfer and Recycling, Ace Disposal and Kimble.