Cart Placement


While it may seem like a simple task, there is a right and wrong way to leave your wheeled cart out for pick up each week. Proper cart placement not only ensures that your waste will be picked up on collection day, it also helps our route drivers do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

Loading Your Cart

We recommend bagging your trash prior to putting it in the cart. Bagged waste helps to reduce the risk of debris/litter blowing from the cart when the container is being dumped. Bagging also aids in keeping the inside of your cart clean. Always do your best to break down large items so they do not become lodged inside the cart or make the it difficult to dump.

Placement of Cart

Your cart should be within 2-3 feet of the street. The best placement for carts is at the end of the driveway or on the grass/sidewalk within 2-3 feet of the road.

Cart Placement


Give Us Some Room

Our automated collection trucks need room to lift your cart from the curb. Try not to place your cart near obstructions like trees, mailboxes or cars.

Cart Placement


Face Cart Opening Towards the Street

Position your cart so the arrows on the lid (the opening) will point towards the street. Our carts are designed to accommodate automated collection trucks; proper placement means that our route drivers can stay in the truck and operate more efficiently each week.

Cart Placement