Dumpster Service

Commercial Dumpster Services from Kimble

Kimble provides commercial dumpster rentals and service for trash collection in multiple sizes.

Once you’ve selected Kimble as your service provider, you choose the commercial dumpster size that fits your business or industry needs.

We’ll consult with you to make sure your dumpster size is appropriate for your use. For businesses that don’t generate enough trash for a dumpster, we offer commercial trash cart service.

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Commercial dumpster sizes available:

2 Cubic Yards

Ideal for smaller businesses that do not generate large amounts of solid waste.

2 cubic yards dumpster

4 Cubic Yards

Ideal for small-to-medium size businesses that generate moderate amounts of solid waste.

4 cubic yards dumpster

6 Cubic Yards

Ideal for larger businesses and industries that generate considerable solid waste.

6 cubic yards dumpster

8 Cubic Yards

Ideal for large businesses and industries which generate maximum amounts of solid waste.

8 cubic yard dumpster


Commercial Dumpster Options

We offer both front-loading and rear-loading containers, depending on your space and how it’s most convenient for you to dispose of your trash. We also provide compactors and other specialized equipment for lease, purchase or rent.

Locations We Serve

We are proud to provide exceptional service to Eastern Ohio as we continue to grow into new communities. Contact one of our customer service agents to find out if your business can receive trash, recycling and dumpster service from Kimble. 

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Kimble Companies offers convenient trash and recycling services to Eastern Ohio businesses, so you have one less thing to worry about at work. And our roll off dumpsters make construction site waste disposal easy.

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Our Green Initiative

Our commitment to the environment extends well beyond the curb. In addition to our collection services, Kimble operates a state-of-the-art landfill and recycling plant in our coverage area, where we handle more than 100,000 tons of recyclable material each year. With Kimble, you can rest assured that your waste disposal and recycling needs are handled responsibly.

To reduce our own carbon footprint, we’ve converted our fleet of vehicles to operate on compressed natural gas, returning cleaner air to our neighborhoods and cost-savings to our customers. Learn more about our clean energy initiatives.

Learn more about our clean energy initiatives