2018-2019 Hunting FAQs

As a service to the community, the Kimble Company and its affiliates allow deer and turkey hunting on its properties. The properties are located in Stark, Tuscarawas, Carroll, Harrison, Guernsey and Coshocton counties and range in size from approximately 50 acres to 500 acres. None of these hunting tracts are empty and you will be sharing the hunting tract with other hunters. In determining the number of hunters who will share a tract we use a ratio of 1 hunter per 10 acres. Example: The hunting map is 50 acres. 5 permits will be issued. Those 5 hunters will have access to all 50 acres on that map. We do our best to limit the number of hunters on our maps so we do not overcrowd.

Q. How much does a permit cost?
 A. Permits cost $190.00.

Q. How long does the permit last?
 A. The permit is valid from September 29, 2018 through May 19, 2019.  No one is permitted to enter the properties outside of said permit dates, including to scout or for any other purpose.  The permit is for deer and turkey hunting only.

Q. Who is allowed on the property?
A. Only the hunter(s) assigned a permit are allowed on the assigned tract. No family or friends are permitted on assigned property unless they have a valid Kimble hunting permit for the same hunting tract. The hunting permit must be carried with you at all times to present to the game warden, law enforcement, representatives of Kimble Company, other hunters or adjoining land owners.

Q. What hours are hunters allowed on the property?
A. Hunters are allowed to access the property from 30 minutes before dawn until 30 minutes after dusk. No overnight stays, camping, or bonfires are permitted.

Q. How do I sign up to get a permit?
A. Those hunters who hunted with us in the 2017-2018 season will receive a hunting packet around June 30, 2018.  If you did not hunt with us last year, please send an email to with your name, address, and phone number.  You will be added to our waiting list in the order received (first come, first served).  The week of August 27th, we will be making calls to schedule appointments beginning September 5th.  At your appointment, you will have the opportunity to choose from any remaining available spots.  You may also call 330.365.5800 to leave a message to be added to the wait list. If you do not receive a call from us by September 8th, unfortunately, space was not available. We encourage you to sign up again next year.

Q. How do I choose my hunting tract?
A. At your appointment, you will have the opportunity to view the available properties.  If you want to hunt on the same map with one of our current hunters, we will do our best to accommodate you but cannot make any guarantees.

Q. When will I receive my map and permit?
A. The initial mailing of Maps and permits will be around September 4, 2018.  We will continue to process applications as quickly as possible once we receive them. Please allow up to three weeks to process your application.

Q. What are the boundaries of my hunting tract?
A. Each hunter is provided with a map outlining their respective tract (“Permitted Area”). Any map(s) supplied by Kimble is only a representation of the area, not a legal survey. Hunter shall ensure that he/she is on Kimble property and within the Permitted Area.  Access to and hunting on lands outside the Permitted Area is strictly prohibited.

Q. How do I get to my assigned tract?
A. Directions to the hunting tract are the hunter’s responsibility. If you have further questions on how to access the property please email us at for detailed directions.

Q. Can I hunt with my friends/relatives?
A. We try our best to accommodate everyone.  We welcome groups that would like to hunt together.  However, at the current time, we do not have any properties that do not have other hunters on them.  We will do our best to find a property that can accommodate your group size.  We regret that we do not have any vacant properties that your group can exclusively hunt on.

Q. Can minors hunt with me?
A. Yes, minors are permitted to hunt with a parent/legal guardian.  They must complete a youth hunter certification course offered by the Ohio Department of Natural            Resources.  For more information, please visit:

Q. Where can I park for my assigned hunting tract?
A. Every property is different.  Some properties have driveways to pull in and park off to the side. Others you may have to park along the side of the road. You are required to obey all traffic laws when parking on the side of the road and should exercise caution at all times. Some of our hunting properties are land locked but have right of ways to access the property. Hunter shall ensure that he/she is on Kimble property and within the Permitted Area at all times.  Access to and hunting on lands outside the Permitted Area is strictly prohibited.

Q. What if I am a returning hunter?
A. Your hunting packet will be mailed out by June 30, 2018.  You do not need to take any action before this time.  Upon receipt of your packet, please complete the hunting agreement and return a signed copy with your payment by July 31, 2018.  Your map and permit will be mailed to you after we receive your payment and signed agreement. You will not need to come to the facility unless you are requesting to change tracts. Please note, permits and maps will not be mailed out before August 31, 2018.

Hunter shall abide by the following rules and restrictions:

  1. Only portable tree stands that can attach without damage to trees are permitted. No permanent tree stands or the use of any nails, screws, wires, or other fasteners or objects for the purposes of attaching tree stands, steps, or related objects is permitted.
  2. No ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, trucks, or other motorized vehicles are permitted in the Permitted Area; except, Hunter may park the vehicle, described above, adjacent a public road at a safe location on the Permitted Area that does not block or interfere with any private roads or drives while hunting during Permitted Hours.
  3. The Permit authorizes Hunter to hunt in the Permitted Area for deer and wild turkey only and no other uses are permitted. Such forbidden activities include but are not limited to: trapping or laying of traps; foraging for mushrooms, wild ginseng, or other flora; foraging for arrowheads or other artifacts; and prospecting or metal detecting.
  4. No fires of any kind are permitted. No camping is permitted.
  5. No alcohol, intoxicants, or illegal drugs are permitted on Kimble property. No use of the Permitted Area is permitted while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicants.
  6. Do not leave any trash or waste in the Permitted Area.
  7. No dogs, horses, or other pets or domestic animals are permitted.
  8. Hunter shall abide by all applicable rules, laws, and regulations including without limitation having a valid Ohio Hunting Permit for the game being hunted.
  9. Hunter shall carry his/her Kimble Permit Card and map(s) supplied with said Kimble Permit Card at all times while in the Permitted Area. Failure to carry a Kimble Permit Card and supplied map(s) on Kimble property is trespassing.  Hunter will provide the Permit Card and supplied map(s) for inspection when requested by a representative of Kimble, law enforcement agencies, adjoining property owners and other hunters while the Hunter is on Kimble property.
  10. Hunter shall not leave or store any items or personal property on Kimble property outside of Permitted Hours.