About Us

Our Company

  • About Kimble Companies

    Located in Dover, Ohio, Kimble is a family-owned and operated business. We’re committed to providing quality, convenient and sustainable waste management and recycling solutions to Eastern Ohio.

    We offer municipal, commercial and residential services, and our top priority is always our customers. Innovation and excellence remain the cornerstones of our business, as we continuously search for new and improved ways to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Our Community

  • We Live Here Too

     At Kimble, community and sustainability are woven into the fabric of our organization. We believe that together, as trusted community partners, we can keep Eastern Ohio a great place to live and work.

    Our customers are our neighbors. We’re dedicated to providing them with convenient and dependable service with superior customer care that’s rooted in honesty and integrity.

    For us, being a good neighbor means being an active participant in the community. We’re proud to support events throughout our coverage area by donating services and resources.

    Have questions about Kimble or what we do? Contact us to learn more.

Vendor Terms & Conditions

  • Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Goods and Services Contracts

    We value our vendors and look forward to long and mutually beneficial relationships. All suppliers must comply with the standard terms and conditions that apply to all purchases of goods, materials and equipment by Kimble Company, regardless of whether a purchase order is issued. These terms cannot be modified, supplemented or varied by the terms of any competing sales order or invoice. Terms and conditions must be carefully reviewed and signed by all suppliers and returned along with a current W9.

    Download a full copy of our terms and conditions.