About Us

About Kimble Companies
Our Community

At Kimble, community and sustainability are woven into the fabric of our organization. We believe that together, as trusted community partners, we can keep Eastern Ohio a great place to live and work.

Our customers are our neighbors. We’re dedicated to providing them with convenient and dependable service with superior customer care that’s rooted in honesty and integrity.

For us, being a good neighbor means being an active participant in the community. We’re proud to support events throughout our coverage area by donating services and resources.

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Our Company

Located in Dover, Ohio, Kimble is a family-owned and operated business. We’re committed to providing quality, convenient and sustainable waste management and recycling solutions to Eastern Ohio.

We offer municipal, commercial and residential services, and our top priority is always our customers. Innovation and excellence remain the cornerstones of our business, as we continuously search for new and improved ways to provide our customers with the best possible service.

A Leader in Environmental Solutions

Kimble trucks run on compressed natural gasAt Kimble, we’re committed to minimizing our environmental impact, while providing sustainable waste management and recycling solutions.

The majority of our truck fleet is powered by clean-burning, compressed natural gas (CNG), which operates more quietly and more efficiently when compared to traditional diesel trucks. CNG vehicles dramatically reduce carbon emissions. In fact, replacing one diesel truck with one CNG truck is the CO2 equivalent of removing 324 cars from the road.  

To power our fleet, we operate three CNG fueling stations, located in Stark, Summit and Tuscarawas County. Our investment in CNG fueling and trucks helps to reduce our dependency on foreign oil by utilizing Ohio’s natural gas resources.

Looking toward the future, we’re taking substantial steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a new green energy resource. At the Kimble landfill, we’ve installed methane wells to collect bio-gas, a renewable energy source derived from the decomposition of organic waste. We’re currently evaluating the use of this bio-gas to supplement our fuel for the company's CNG trucks.