Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal at Kimble Recycling & Disposal Inc. is to provide the best possible service to our customers. We get a lot of questions throughout the day so we've created this quick and easy reference for you to find answers to your frequently asked questions. If you are looking to start service, have questions about existing service or billing, please contact us or call 800-201-0005 to speak with a customer support representative.

Customer Service Center phone hours:

Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 

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Recycling Services

  • Do you offer curbside recycling?
    We offer curbside recycling to all Stark and Medina county residents as well as certain contracts throughout our service areas. Please feel free to contact us or call our Customer Service team at 1-800-201-0005 to learn more.
  • Does Kimble co-mingle recycling and trash?
    No, Kimble runs separate route trucks to pick up trash and recycling. The two are not co-mingled in the trucks or at the recycling center.
  • Do the same trucks that pick up trash pick up recycling?
    There could be an occasion where the same truck that was used to pick up trash may be used to pick up recycling; however, this will not occur at the same time. Upon completing their route, the trucks are emptied and cleaned which helps to prevent co-mingling.
  • What types of items can I recycle?
    Kimble helps to take the guesswork out of which items you can and cannot recycle. We recycle most common household plastics, fiber and non-fiber items. Get a complete breakdown of the types of materials we can and cannot accept using our quick recycling guide.
  • Does Kimble consider new areas for recycling services?
    Yes, and Kimble thanks our customers for their enthusiasm in regards to recycling. We share in that excitement. Kimble is constantly evaluating our markets to make determinations on providing cost effective services to those who want them. As our service offerings change, we will communicate them to our customer base.
  • Is wrapping paper recyclable?
    Believe it or not, the answer is almost always yes! Most wrapping paper is recyclable, but you can learn more about the specifics here.
  • Should I bag my recyclables?
    Plastic bags are not recyclable so all recyclables should be placed in your recycle container loosely. There's no need to bag or tie these items. Plastic bags can typically be recycled at your local grocery store.
  • If I am taking my recyclables to a drop off point, should I bag them?
    Plastic bags are not recyclable so all recyclables should be placed in the drop off bin loosely. If you bring them in a bag, please pour them into the bin and save the bag for re-use or recycle at your local grocery store.
  • Should I wash my empty food containers before recycling them?
    Yes! It's important that all recyclables are not contaminated with food particles. A quick rinse can help remove contaminents from the container and prevent your recyclables from contaminating other products around them. Please also remove the labels from cans and bottles.
  • Can I recycle food, liquids or food-soiled items??
    All foods, liquids or food-soiled items should be kept out of the recycling. These items should be placed in your trash container and bagged as trash. Please do not put into recycling. If put into recycling, it could turn an entire load of recycling into trash!
  • Can I recycle such things as my plastic bottles, cans, and cardboard?
    Yes, please empty and rinse plastic bottles, cans, and the like before placing them loosely in your recycle container. For a more detailed list of items that can be recycled, please refer to our list here. Keep in mind, plastic bags can typically be recycled at your local grocery store and should not be added to your recycling containers. Plastic bags and film can get tangled in the recycling machinery and cause undue damage.
  • Can I recycle such things as rubber hoses and wires?
    No, these items can be "tanglers" given the nature of the items. These items should be placed in your trash container bagged as trash. If put into recycling, these items can get tangled in the recycling machinery and cause undue damage.
  • Can I recycle bulky items such as engines, propane tanks or construction debris?
    No, these items can contain oils, gases, and other materials that cannot be recycled. These items should be disposed of properly by contacting your local repair shop, maintenance facility, or other locations that may be able to dispose of these items properly.

Transfer Stations

Roll Off Rentals

Reporting a Problem

    • What should I do if I miss my scheduled pick up time?
      If you forget to place your trash out in time for your scheduled pick up, you will need to hold all trash until your next scheduled pick up. You can also take your trash to one of our convenient Transfer Stations, although charges do apply.
    • What do I do if my cart is damaged or stolen?
      The customer is responsible for any damage or loss of a Kimble cart. Should this occur, the customer should report it as soon as possible. The details to the charges for a lost or stolen tote are explained to the customer during the time of sign up for trash/recycling services. There is more information that can be found on the back of Kimble’s invoices under the Terms and Conditions section.