Guide for Roll Off Dumpster Sizes

What Size Roll Off Dumpster Do I Need?

From spring cleaning to full-home remodeling projects, roll off dumpsters are perfect for projects of all sizes.

Roll off dumpsters make debris disposal much easier for home and commercial projects—that is, until your roll off runs out of space. That’s why we make sure to guide our customers and make sure they choose the right sized roll off container for the job.

Our dumpster sizes vary, ranging from 12-40 cubic yards with each one designed with specific projects in mind. If you have a question about a specific dumpster size, contact us.

12-Yard Roll Off Dumpster

For a small dumpster, the 12-yard dumpster is our smallest roll off. It’s perfect for small projects around the house and can easily fit in a driveway.

12-yard dumpster dimensions: 14’ X 8’ X 4’5” 

12 yard dumpster dimensions compared to 3.5 truck loads

Use a 12 Yard Roll Off Dumpster for:

  • Spring cleaning
  • Minor interior renovations
  • Garage cleanouts
  • Basement cleanouts
  • Attic cleanouts
  • Minor landscaping projects


20-Yard Roll Off Dumpster

The 20-yard dumpster comes in two different styles—industrial style and residential style—so you can pick the one best suited for your project and available space. The versatility makes this one of our most popular sizes.

20-yard dumpster dimensions:  

  • Industrial: 22’ X 8’ X 4’6
  • Residential: 12’ X 8’ X 7' 

20 yard dumpster dimensions compared to 6 truck loads 

Use a 20 Yard Residential Style Roll Off Dumpster for:

  • Flooring projects
  • Deck projects
  • Bathroom remodels
  • General home cleanout projects


Use a 20 Yard Industrial Style Roll Off Dumpster for:

  • Large landscaping projects
  • Concrete, brick and block removals*
  • Roofing projects involving shingles*

*For heavier materials, use 20 yard industrial style roll off dumpster

30-Yard Roll Off Dumpster

The 30-yard dumpster is most commonly used for large projects that produce an excess amount of debris.

30-yard dumpster dimensions: 22’ X 8’ X 6’2

30 yard dumpster dimensions compared to 9 truck loads

Use a 30-Yard Roll Off Dumpster for:

  • New home construction projects
  • Home renovations
  • Small home demolitions
  • Whole home cleanouts
  • Large deck and pool projects


40-Yard Roll Off Dumpster

The 40-yard dumpster is our largest roll off and should only be used when you’re sure your project will create excessive amounts of waste.

40-yard dumpster dimensions: 22’ X 8’ X 8’

40 yard dumpster dimensions compared to 12 truck loads

Use a 40-Yard Roll Off Dumpster for:

  • Demolition projects
  • Major home renovations
  • New commercial Construction
  • Large Home Construction
  • Community cleanup events
  • Natural disaster cleanup
  • Large home cleanouts


Contact us with any questions you have about our roll-off dumpster sizes.

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