Trash Cart Placement


Kimble Cart Placement Guide

Taking your trash and recyclables to the curb sounds like a simple task, but did you know there is a right and wrong way to place your Kimble Trash and Recycling Carts? Proper cart placement helps our drivers do their jobs safely and efficiently.

Kimble trash cart sitting at curbHere are some tips for proper cart placement:

  1. Do not block. In order to keep cost down and our drivers safe, many if not most of our Kimble Trucks use an automated arm to collect the trash and recycling carts from the curb. It is very important that the carts are not blocked by vehicles or other obstructions that can prevent the truck’s arm from easily reaching the carts.
  2. Carts should open towards the street. Do not place your carts sideways or backwards at the curb. The lids should always open towards the street to prevent damage to the lid/cart.
  3. Give the carts some room*. Whether you have one or multiple carts, you should always leave a minimum of 2-3 feet between the cart and other objects (additional carts, mailboxes, trees, etc.) Always ensure the carts are visible for the driver to see and service.

*The best placement for a cart is at the end of the driveway or on the grass within 2-3 feet from the road and any other objects.


When loading items into your carts, remember that trash and recycling are different:

  1. Trash Carts - Items should be placed into trash bags to help keep your carts clean and trash contained. This prevents trash from blowing around when being emptied.
  2. Recycling Cart - Cardboard boxes should be broken down flat to save room. Approved items that are clean and dry should also be placed loosely into the cart. No bags are allowed in the recycling cart! Plastic bags (trash and grocery bags) are a contaminant in the Kimble Recycling Facility and can put our employees and equipment at risk.

Following these tips helps keep collection automated and efficient.

For more information on cart placement, review our Easy Cart Placement Guide.