What Can You Recycle with Kimble?

kImble recyclingSince 1994, Kimble has provided convenient recycling service to our Eastern Ohio customers. We take pride in contributing to a greener community. Take a minute to learn about our easy recycling program and what we recycle. 

There is absolutely no sorting needed. Simply place all your recyclables in your Kimble tote and wait for pick up. Larger items such as cardboard boxes and other packaging should be broken down to ensure it fits properly inside the recycling cart.

While we try to make our recycling program as easy as possible, there are some things that are not safe to recycle. Find out exactly what we can and cannot recycle below.

What can be recycled

  • all newspaper
  • cardboard
  • plastics #1 - #7
  • all colors of glass
  • aluminum cans
  • other bi-metal products

What cannot be recycled

  • paint cans
  • anti-freeze or motor oil containers
  • wax cartons
  • batteries
  • light bulbs, or wire hangers
  • plastic bags
  • styrofoam
  • toys
  • plastic utensils

Don’t see the symbol, but think it might be recyclable? We also accept these fiber and non-fiber items: 



  • Newspapers
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Magazines
  • Aluminum trays, pet food cans
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Bimetal cans
  • Telephone books
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Mail
  • Clear brown or green glass bottles
  • Printer/copier paper
  • Plastic containers marked #1-#7
  • Chipped board (e.g.: cereal boxes)

Examples of recyclable plastics we collect with #1 - #7 on the container:

  1. Soft drink bottles, water bottles, peanut butter jars, window cleaner bottles, mouthwash bottles
  2. Laundry detergent bottles, windshield washer fluid bottles, coffee containers, milk jugs, butter tubs, medicine bottles
  3. Shampoo bottles, cooking oil bottles, hand soap bottles, gladware container lids, and juice bottles
  4. Mustard bottles, margarine and ice cream tub tops, squeezable bottles
  5. Cool whip containers, gladware tubs, plastic flower pot containers, apple sauce cups, plastic cups
  6. Plastic cookie tray dishes, vegetable tub containers, take-away containers
  7. Orange juice plastic bottles, kids snack containers, some ketchup bottles

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