Kimble Installs CNG Fueling Station


Kimble Installs Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station and adds 45 CNG trucks to its fleet

Kimble utilizes its own clean-burning eastern Ohio natural gas to power its fleet. 

Dover, Ohio - June 4, 2012 - Kimble trucks, fueled by the company's own compressed natural gas, have begun collecting trash and recycling from residents and businesses throughout Northeast Ohio.

In 2012, Kimble installed their own compressed natural gas fueling station on its property in Twinsburg Township (Summit County), and began supplying the station with natural gas generated from company owned gas wells in Eastern Ohio.

The major investment in CNG fueling and trucks enables utilization of Ohio's natural resources, reduced dependency on foreign oil and cleaner burning trucks to help the environment.  The CNG trucks operate more quietly and efficiently than traditional diesel trucks, and will help keep the neighborhoods and municipalities served by Kimble cleaner and greener.

The construction of the slow-fill, CNG fueling station with 65 fueling stands, will assist Kimble in meeting future mandates for energy efficient service providers, as each diesel-powered truck replaced by a CNG truck is equivalent to removing 324 cars from the road based on CO2 emissions.

"Natural gas produced in eastern Ohio is abundantly available, and likely to be available in greater supply in coming decades," said Keith Kimble, company President.  "Our customers can feel good knowing that Kimble is leading the way in environmental solutions while stabilizing the cost of our services.  We plan to make additional investment in CNG trucks and infrastructure here in Ohio over the next several years."

Kimble is also evaluating the use of landfill bio-gas, a renewable energy source derived from the decomposition of organic waste at the Kimble landfill, to supplement fuel for the company's new CNG trucks.  Kimble installed landfill methane wells in 2011 and began collecting the bio-gas in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a new green energy resource.  "We anticipate Kimble refuse and recycling trucks collecting in our tri-county district, powered by the garbage we collect", said Keith Kimble.

For the past 63 years, the family-owned Kimble Companies of Dover, Ohio have grown from a modest mining and landfill operation into a diverse, yet integrated, organization focused on energy and resource management.

Kimble today employs more than 480 Ohioans providing a range of environmentally responsible products and services related to mineral and energy sources including oil, natural gas, coal, clay shale, crushed stone aggregates, wood mulch and bio-gas produced from wastes; post-consumer and industrial recycling and non-hazardous waste collection; and disposal.