Kimble Opens New Recycling Facility


Kimble Companies to open new single stream recycling facility

Major recycling investment and 25 new green jobs for Northeast Ohio

Dover, Ohio-June 4,2012-The Kimble Companies are commissioning equipment and preparing for start-up of their new “single stream” recycling plant in Twinsburg Township (Summit County), which will expand the companies’ recycling capabilities and compliment current operations of their Canton recycling plant.

Kimble’s Canton Recycling Plant, opened in July, 1994, will continue to operate as a solid waste transfer and recycling facility.  Recycling in Canton includes manual removal of cardboard, white goods and wood waste from the incoming waste stream.  In addition, recyclables are processed via various conveying and screening equipment, bag openers and sorting lines for various grades of paper, cardboard, glass, PET, HDPE plastics, and glass.  Various compost materials are accepted and processed on site or transferred to the Kimble Compost Facility in Dover.

Kimble’s newest recycling plant being unveiled in Twinsburg Township, is designed to meet the ever growing demand for “single stream” recycling, a term referring to the convenient recycling method which allows customers to mix all their recyclables into a single container for collection.  This new facility possesses cutting-edge recycling equipment and is among the most technologically advanced recycling facilities in the country.

The opening of the new “single stream” recycling facility will enable Kimble to expand its offering of recycling services, and meet the growing volume of recyclable material being managed by the company.  The new facility will expand recycling capacity in the Akron/Cleveland market focusing on “single stream” volume, resulting in the company processing residential curbside recyclables much more efficiently, and creating additional capacity at the Canton facility to expand the market for commercial and industrial recycling.

Both the Canton and Twinsburg Township recycling facilities are designed to recover recyclables such as aluminum, ferrous metals, copper, various grades of paper and corrugated cardboard.  The recovered materials are baled at the facilities, and then temporarily stored prior to being marketed and shipped to end users throughout the Midwest.

For the past 63 years, the family-owned Kimble Companies of Dover, Ohio have grown from a modest mining and landfill operation into a diverse, yet integrated, organization focused on energy and resource management.  Kimble today employs more than 480 Ohioans providing a range of environmentally responsible products and services related to mineral and energy sources including oil, natural gas, coal, clay, shale, crushed stone aggregates, wood mulch and bio-gas produced from wastes; post-consumer and industrial recycling and non-hazardous waste collection and disposal.