Trash & Recycling Services for Sporting Events

Sporting events can bring in potentially hundreds of thousands of fans. With those fans come unique recycling and waste management challenges. 

We offer waste and recycling containers with attached lids, which make managing waste clean and effortless. Our containers are environmentally friendly and made from recycled materials. There is no sorting required; Kimble Companies handles of all sorting at our facility and makes sure those items are sent to the proper recycling markets.

We recycle a wide variety of products from all newspapers, cardboard, plastic jugs and bottles, all colors of glass, aluminum cans and other bi-metal products.

Feel good about hosting a sporting event that not only provides entertainment for the community but also provides a cleaner and safer environment as well.

Call to order your trash and recycling carts for your next sporting event today at 800-201-0005 or fill out a service request.