Tanglers Belong in the Trash


"Tanglers" include wire, chains and ropes

In the recycling industry, it’s not uncommon to hear the word “tanglers”. Items that we refer to as “tanglers” are both a nuisance and a safety concern for our recycling facility’s employees. These contaminants can become wrapped around equipment in our recycling facility, shutting down our plant and requiring our employees to climb into our machines to remove the obstruction.  We need your help to keep “tanglers” out of the recycling stream and in the trash where they belong.

Some items that are considered “tanglers”:

  • Plastic Bags & Packaging (our biggest culprit)
  • Wires
  • Ropes
  • Chains
  • Clothing
  • Christmas Lights
  • Hoses
  • Wire Hangers

Do your part to keep these items out of the recycling carts at your home or drop off site.  Reminder that if you are ever in doubt if an item can be recyclable, place it directly into the trash cart.  We always say… “When in doubt… Throw it out!”  This protects the recyclable material from contamination and helps us ensure safety for our employees.

“Recycling right”, starts at the cart.  We appreciate your help to bring approved material that is clean and dry to our Kimble Recycling Center.