What to Ask Before Trash Hits the Curb


Truck picking up trashIt might seem reasonable to throw away anything you don’t want or need. But certain things should never be placed in your Kimble trash can.

Improper disposal of items can cause a variety of problems, ranging from endangering Kimble employees to harming our equipment or the environment.  See our handy list of what goes in the trash and what cannot.  

Before your trash hits the curb, ask yourself if it contains any of the following: 


Kimble does not accept any size or type of battery in our trash or recycling. Batteries are a common cause of truck fires, so we consider them hazardous waste.  

Batteries are an excellent example of the “trash or recycle” game. Although worthless to us, batteries can be recycled, but they must make it to the right facility first.  

Contact your local Solid Waste District to find a battery recycling program.


If you don’t need all your fertilizer and can’t find someone who can use it, look for a local hazardous waste program for disposal. Fertilizer can contaminate local water supplies and does not belong in a garbage can. 

Hot, Smoldering Waste 

If it’s hot or smoldering, it can cause a fire! Don’t put any waste that fits this description in your Kimble can, such as fireplace ashes or hot charcoal.   

No Infectious Waste/Medical Waste 

Needles or anything potentially contaminated by blood or bodily fluids are considered “red bag medical waste” and should be disposed of properly – and not in your regular trash. For information on how to dispose of infectious or medical waste, the Ohio EPA has guidance.  

Gas Cans 

You’re probably aware throwing gasoline in the trash is unacceptable, but even empty gas cans cannot be disposed of this way. If you have an empty gas can you no longer use, label with permanent marker (so it’s obvious what was stored in it) and find a hazardous waste program.   

No Fluorescent or Mercury Vapor Bulbs 

Many light bulbs contain hazardous materials. Fluorescent lights and CFLS contain mercury, so they don’t belong in your Kimble trash can. You can throw away used incandescent lights, but it’s best to wrap in original packaging or newspaper to avoid glass shattering.  

Some bulbs can be recycled, so look for local recycling programs.  

These are just a few items that don’t belong in the trash. For a complete list of items that cannot go in your Kimble trash can, please see our complete Trash Guide.