What can you recycle with Kimble?


What can you recycle with KimbleBy: Jessica Grant

We all want to do our part to recycle but placing non-recyclables in your Kimble recycling cart can do much more harm than good. Be part of an efficient recycling effort. Make sure you know what can and cannot be recycled.

Don’t Wishcycle

At Kimble, we talk about recycling right. Unfortunately, because people want to recycle, they sometimes toss things into recycling carts that don’t belong hoping they can be recycled. This is called “wishcycling,” and it contaminates the recycling stream.

When non-recyclables arrive in the Kimble Recycling Center, it makes it difficult to process clean recyclables. It can even shut down the operations, when contaminants become wrapped around or get caught in the equipment. Plastic bags can mistakenly end up in a paper bale. Yard waste can soil clean material. Etc.  

We Need Your Help To Recycle Right

There are three basic rules for recycling right with your Kimble recycling cart.

  1. When in Doubt, Throw It Out! If you’re unsure, it’s safer to throw it in the trash cart.
  2. Recyclables must be clean and dry. Both food and liquid are contaminants.
  3. No need to sort or bag your items. Plastic bags can conceal or hide items that are in or under the bags so for the safety of our employees, plastic bags need to be placed in the trash. Bags are one of the largest contaminates at our Recycling Center. Plastic bags can be mistaken for paper as they go down the recycling line and ca get caught in other clean bails and cause contamination issues.

Review our handy Easy Recycling Guide, and you can be part of recycling right at Kimble!